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Herb Topiary Trees

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Any herb tree or shrub with small leaves and a tight growth is an appropriate subject for topiary work. Herb topiary trees usually grow in pots as standards, then are trimmed into shapes as they grow. A pot-grown tree is easy to move as many need the

Herb Topiary Trees

Any herb tree or shrub with small leaves and a tight growth is an appropriate subject for topiary work. Herb topiary trees usually grow in pots as standards, then are trimmed into shapes as they grow. A pot-grown tree is easy to move as many need the protection of a greenhouse in colder months. Lower-growing herbs also can be clipped into mounds as path edgings.


This common box comes in the form of a small evergreen tree or shrub that grows to about 14 feet. It has glossy oval leaves and gives off a strange acrid scent. Buxus featured heavily in the gardens of ancient Rome. It still is popular as clipped box hedges or topiary trees. More than 70 species of buxus exist. Dwarf varieties predominantly become edging and low hedges. Although hardy, the tree does not fair well in acutely cold winters. Frost damages new growth, so any clipping should take place after the last frost.


Juniperus communis has become a popular variety for shaping into tall cones and pyramid shapes. A hardy, coniferous evergreen, the juniper has long, needle-type leaves. It grows slowly, making it appropriate for topiary, usually requiring only one pruning per year to keep its shape. The juniper's narrow leaves allow for more creative and intricate shapes. Compressa juniper is a dwarf variety, suitable for creating lower topiary shapes that form pathways and hedges.


Standing as a "lollipop" or standard "mop-head" shape, a bay tree topiary typically provides a traditional herb garden with a centrepiece. An evergreen shrub or small tree, the bay has aromatic, oval, dark green leaves. Bays can grow as standards in pots and grow slowly, so training them into shapes requires a little patience. Many gardeners also train the tree's stem, choosing to twist three or four separate stems into a twist.


Taxus baccata yew is a traditional topiary tree and a favourite for use as hedging. It is a spreading evergreen tree that can grow to about 50 feet high. Its leaves are dark green and have the appearance of flattened needles. Its ability to rejuvenate quickly helps it respond well to close clipping and shaping, making it ideal for topiary work.

Sweet Myrtle

Myrtus communis is a sweet-smelling shrub from the Mediterranean. An evergreen shrub, it grows up to 10 feet tall. A glossy, oval leaf helps it respond well to clipping for all topiary shapes. It is not a full hardy, so it requires some protection during colder months. The tarentina dwarf version is ideal for compact globes and low mounds.

Herb Topiary Trees

Herb Topiary Trees

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Any herb tree or shrub with small leaves and a tight growth is an appropriate subject for topiary work. Herb topiary trees usually grow in pots as standards, then are trimmed into shapes as they grow. A pot-grown tree is easy to move as many need the[More]

How to Make Decorative Christmas Topiary Trees

How to Make Decorative Christmas Topiary Trees

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Make decorative Christmas topiary trees to line a buffet for a holiday dinner, to use as a centrepiece on your dining table, or to place among a decorated vignette in an entryway. Craft trees that coordinate with the holiday decor in the room they wi[More]

How to make topiary trees out of balloons

How to make topiary trees out of balloons

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If you're looking for a budget-friendly way to create a large decoration for any celebration, you may want to learn how to make topiary trees out of balloons. Balloons can give you the same full shape as a floral topiary, but one balloon costs far le[More]

Instructions for candy topiary trees

Instructions for candy topiary trees

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Candy topiary trees can be used as a home decoration or used as a centrepiece for a special event such as a birthday party. For a twist, this homemade candy topiary tree uses candy and floral craft supplies. The hardest part of making this topiary tr[More]

Floral Topiary Trees

Floral Topiary Trees

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Topiary trees are trimmed into geometric shapes. A common floral topiary tree shape looks like a round ball on the top of a straight trunk. The height ranges from tabletop for miniature topiary trees to 6 feet tall. Fresh Cut Flower stems are cut to[More]

How to Make a Hibiscus Topiary Tree

How to Make a Hibiscus Topiary Tree

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Hibiscus topiary trees provide a cheerful vertical dimension in an outdoor potted garden and a welcome tropical feel as a houseplant during the winter. In fact, what is commonly referred to as a hibiscus topiary tree is not a topiary at all, but a st[More]

Decorative Topiary Trees

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Decorative topiary trees can be large or small, stand full height in a garden, or perch in the centre of a table top. Decorative topiary trees can be living plants or crafts that you create yourself out of craft store items. Regardless of their size[More]

How to Make Topiary Trees & Centerpieces

How to Make Topiary Trees & Centerpieces

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The ancient art of topiary involves cutting landscape shrubs and plants into decorative shapes. Using craft supplies and silk flowers and foliage has become a common way to create centrepieces and pieces that can be used in home decor. Making your ow[More]

Mini Topiary Trees

Mini Topiary Trees

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When ordinary plants and shrubs don't fit the bill, gardeners sometimes choose to decorate indoor and outdoor areas with mini topiary trees. These trees add shapely dimension but can require more upkeep than their counterparts. Definition Topiary tre[More]

Fresh Topiary Trees for Gardens

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Topiary is an age old art of carving live trees into various shapes and sculptures in the landscapes. The most commonly used trees for topiaries include small shrubs and small evergreen trees with small foliage or needles. Hardy shrubs and trees with[More]

The meanings and uses of biblical herbs plants trees and flowers

The meanings and uses of biblical herbs plants trees and flowers

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Herbs, flowers, and trees are mentioned many times in the Bible, starting with the garden of Eden. These plants have many uses, from culinary to health to beauty. Learning the Biblical meanings of them and how they can be used is an enriching study.[More]

Small Topiary Trees

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Topiary is the specific training and pruning of plants to create three-dimensional shapes. It takes time to create topiaries and regular pruning to keep the plants in the desired form. A number of small-sized, dense-growing evergreen trees are used t[More]

How to Make a Spiral Topiary Tree

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Topiary plants were once found only in formal gardens or on the estate grounds of the wealthy. Today, gardeners everywhere enjoy creating these living works of art by trimming and shaping plants into specific forms. Topiaries range from simple geomet[More]

Steps on How to Make a Spiral Topiary Tree

Steps on How to Make a Spiral Topiary Tree

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Topiaries are among the oldest types of living sculpture, reports Cornell University's horticulture website. Topiary is the practice of growing dense plants and forming them through pruning or training them along a wire frame. The earliest references[More]

How to Make Christmas Topiary Trees Outdoors

How to Make Christmas Topiary Trees Outdoors

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Christmastime usually sees thousands of households all over the world decorated with bright lights, candles, Santa Clauses, snowmen and pine and holly wreaths. People love decorating for Christmas as much as they love celebrating it. Many stick to pu[More]

How to Make Christmas Topiary Trees

How to Make Christmas Topiary Trees

Category:LifestyleRelease time:2015-04-23Views:130

Christmas topiaries are not only easy to make, they make a big impact as decorations. A set of identical topiaries could frame a front door or walk while a bunch of eclectic topiaries of different types and sizes might sit in different places all ove[More]

How to Make Styrofoam Topiary Christmas Trees

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Christmas topiary trees double as centrepieces and decorations for your home. You can design a styrofoam topiary Christmas tree in many different patterns and styles. The traditional candy topiary Christmas trees pair well with gingerbread houses. Th[More]

How to Prune a Spiral Topiary

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Spiral topiary trees make a stunning focal point in any landscape especially when planted in the midst of a low growing ground cover or when surrounded by a neat border of mulch. There are a variety of evergreen species that lend themselves well to s[More]

Yard Decorations With Spiral Trees

Category:LifestyleRelease time:2013-02-12Views:130

Spiral trees offer a festive and slightly funky look to your home during the holiday season. The different styles and varieties available give you tons of ideas for decorating your outdoor space. Whether you make the trees yourself or purchase pre-li[More]

How to trim to spiral trees

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There are several forms and designs that can be applied to topiary trees to enhance a landscape. The spiral design is probably the most classic. Spiral trees can add an element of distinction and sophistication to any lawn. Skill level:Moderately Cha[More]

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