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Homemade rain gutter chain

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The gutter-suspended rain chain provided an ancient method of capturing rainwater and channelling it into a rain garden, barrel, urn, stone jar or other decorative or functional device. In Japan, where rain chains originated, homeowners sometimes att

The gutter-suspended rain chain provided an ancient method of capturing rainwater and channelling it into a rain garden, barrel, urn, stone jar or other decorative or functional device. In Japan, where rain chains originated, homeowners sometimes attached small cups to the chain to slow the water flow and produce a soothing, rhythmic melody of gently falling water. Because it's narrower and more restrictive than a downspout, a rain chain doesn't carry as much water away from the gutter as quickly as a downspout does.

Skill level:Moderately Easy

Things you need

LadderWork glovesGarden hoseAluminium or stainless steel rodS-hookFlorist's wireCopper link chain, 6 to 8 feet longWater collection containerSplash boardDecorative rocks


1 Clear your gutters with a garden hose.

2 Disconnect the downspout from the gutter at the location where you want to install your rain chain. Grasp the spout in both hands and push firmly up and sideways. Pull it down to remove the downspout. Leave the moulded gutter outflow hole in place.

3 Insert a garden hose into the gutter near the opening created by removing the downspout. Be sure water runs clear and unobstructed through the gutter and out the gutter hole.

4 Position the rod horizontally across the gutter hole. Allow it to extend at least 3 inches into the gutter on both sides of the hole.

5 Hang an S-hook on the rod so that it hangs into the gutter hole. Wrap florist's wire around the top of the hook to secure it tightly to the rod.

6 Connect the copper chain to the bottom of the S-hook. Let the chain drop into the position of a downspout.

7 Place a rain barrel, urn or stone jar at the base of the rain chain to collect the rain water. Insert a splash board next to the water containment device to direct overflow rain away from the home.

Tips and warnings

Create a decorative rain chain by adding another length of chain to the S-hook. Twist the two chains together and tie them at the bottom with florist's wire. Hang little copper charms, cups or wind chimes on the chain.

Check the rain outflow during the first heavy rain to be sure the splash board is sloping away from your home. If water is collecting at the rain chain base, dig a narrow, sloping trench and line it with pea gravel to help water drain away from the house.

Homemade rain gutter chain

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The gutter-suspended rain chain provided an ancient method of capturing rainwater and channelling it into a rain garden, barrel, urn, stone jar or other decorative or functional device. In Japan, where rain chains originated, homeowners sometimes att[More]

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Homemade rain chain

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How do I install an eavestrough rain gutter?

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