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How to get plexiglass clear again

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Plexiglass is a brand name of a type of transparent plastic also called acrylic. Plexiglass is used like glass in picture frames, windows, skylights and other household applications. It is not as easily shattered as regular glass and is fairly weathe

Plexiglass is a brand name of a type of transparent plastic also called acrylic. Plexiglass is used like glass in picture frames, windows, skylights and other household applications. It is not as easily shattered as regular glass and is fairly weather-resistant. However, it does attract dust and grime from the environment and it is very easily scratched. Furthermore, many chemicals can cause Plexiglass to become cloudy. While it is not possible to remove cloudiness once it happens, with care you can effectively clean dirt and grease and even some minor scratches from the surface to make the Plexiglass clear again.

Skill level:Easy

Things you need

Feather dusterNatural spongeMild liquid dishwashing detergentWaterLint-free cotton clothCar wax and buffing pad


1 Gather your cleaning materials. Since Plexiglass is very easy to scratch, make sure the feather duster, sponge and cloth you use are made of natural fibres with no abrasive qualities. In addition, harsh chemicals can cloud and stain Plexiglass, so a very mild liquid dishwashing detergent will be perfect for the job.

2 Dust the Plexiglass with the feather duster. Make sure to use a light stroke and remove all loose dirt and dust possible. Alternatively, you can blow loose dirt off the Plexiglass with air.

3 Mix a few drops of dishwashing detergent in water and submerge your sponge in the solution. Gently wipe the Plexiglass from top to bottom, squeezing the soapy water out as you wipe. Turn the sponge frequently and rinse often. Be careful not to rub too hard and also make sure you do not grind grime or grit that you just removed from the Plexiglass back onto it. This will cause scratching.

4 Rinse with plenty of clean water. Make sure all the soap has been rinsed off, then gently wipe the Plexiglass down with the lint-free cloth. Again, be careful not to rub too hard.

5 Attempt to remove any obvious scratches by using a small bit of paste wax made for automobile finishing. Use the pad that comes with the wax to buff the surface until the scratch diminishes or disappears. Try this on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it will not cause cloudiness or further scratching on your Plexiglass.

Tips and warnings

If your Plexiglass product came with any manufacturer-recommended cleaning agent or method, follow the maker's instructions.

Clean the Plexiglass frequently so that it is easier to clean each time and there is not as much dirt to remove.

Do not use paper towels because the wood fibres in some paper towels will cause scratching on the Plexiglass.

Do not use any cleaner that contains solvents such as ammonia or alcohol. These kinds of cleaners will cause clouding in the Plexiglass.

You should also not use any kind of cleaner that has an abrasive component because they will cause scratching on the plastic surface.

How to get plexiglass clear again

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