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How to Hang Candle Centerpieces

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Use hanging candleholders to create a unique centrepiece for your dining room. The natural light and scent of the candles will add a warm and charming ambience to any occasion. Hanging candleholders come in a variety of styles, but typically hang wit

Use hanging candleholders to create a unique centrepiece for your dining room. The natural light and scent of the candles will add a warm and charming ambience to any occasion. Hanging candleholders come in a variety of styles, but typically hang with three or four long chains that are attached to a single hook. That single hook is then hung from hardware installed in the ceiling. Find ceiling hook hardware at any home improvement store if your candleholder did not come with one.

Skill level:Moderately Easy

Things you need

Stud finderPencilDrillCeiling hook or swag hook


1 Mark the place on the ceiling where you would like to hang the candleholder. The ceiling hook should be installed into a ceiling joist. Use a stud finder to locate a joist. If unable to screw into a joist, a swag hook with a hinged toggle nut can be used to secure the hook to drywall.

2 Drill a pilot hole that is slightly smaller in width than that of the ceiling hook's screw threads. If using a swag hook and toggle nut, drill a hole that is big enough to insert the toggle nut (with the hinged arms closed) through.

3 Screw the ceiling hook into the joist by hand. If using a swag hook and toggle nut, screw the toggle nut part way onto the hook (with the hinged arms closing toward the hook) and insert it through the hole so that it unhinges on the opposite side of the drywall. Turn the hook by hand until it is secured tightly into the toggle nut.

4 Hang the hook of the candleholder onto the hook installed in the ceiling.

How to Hang Candle Centerpieces

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Use hanging candleholders to create a unique centrepiece for your dining room. The natural light and scent of the candles will add a warm and charming ambience to any occasion. Hanging candleholders come in a variety of styles, but typically hang wit[More]

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