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How to Hard Reset T919

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The Samsung Behold, or T919, is a 3G touch-screen cell phone on the T-Mobile network. When you need to clear all of the phone's settings and restore it to the factory conditions, navigate the system reset menus to clear the settings. The reset menu i

The Samsung Behold, or T919, is a 3G touch-screen cell phone on the T-Mobile network. When you need to clear all of the phone's settings and restore it to the factory conditions, navigate the system reset menus to clear the settings. The reset menu in the phone also allows you to select individual data sections to clear based on your needs.

Skill level:Easy


Master Reset

1 Touch the "Menu" option from the home screen of your Behold.

2 Choose "Settings" then select "Reset Settings."

3 Tap "Master Reset" and enter your phone's password when prompted. Touch "Yes" to start the reset process.

Soft Reset

1 Touch the "Menu" option then tap "Settings."

2 Choose "Reset Settings" then tap "Reset Settings" a second time.

3 Tap the check box beside "All" to reset all of the settings. Select "Sound Profiles," "Display Settings" or "Phone Settings" to reset the options you want.

Tips and warnings

The master reset will erase all of the phone's data, including anything not stored on memory cards or SIM cards. Back up any information you want to preserve before you perform a master reset.

How to Hard Reset T919

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2013-01-03Views:130

The Samsung Behold, or T919, is a 3G touch-screen cell phone on the T-Mobile network. When you need to clear all of the phone's settings and restore it to the factory conditions, navigate the system reset menus to clear the settings. The reset menu i[More]

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