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How to Prepare Urea

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Urea is a solid, colourless and crystallised waste product eliminated through the kidneys. Urea has a chemical formula of H2N-CO-NH2 and is also known as carbamide. Urea is often used as a fertiliser. Like most other compounds, urea can be prepared i

Urea is a solid, colourless and crystallised waste product eliminated through the kidneys. Urea has a chemical formula of H2N-CO-NH2 and is also known as carbamide. Urea is often used as a fertiliser. Like most other compounds, urea can be prepared in a water-based solution, as is done in our bodies every day when we urinate. With the right equipment and a little bit of math, preparing urea in a solution is fairly easy.

Skill level:Moderate

Things you need

UreaWaterScaleBeakerPlastic stirring rod


1 Determine molecular weight. The molecular weight of a compound is derived from the atomic weights of its individual atoms. The atomic weight of hydrogen is one (with there being four total in urea), nitrogen is 14 (two in urea), carbon is 12 (one in urea) and oxygen is 16 (one in urea). Thus the total molecular weight of urea is 60, which translates to 60 grams per litre of solution.

2 Prepare by molarity. Solutions can be prepared in various weights and the amount of water you add to prepare urea changes according what the problem calls for. However, if you are preparing by molarity, simply add enough water to dilute the substance. For example, if three-fourths molarity is called for (which is 45 grams per litre of solution), weigh out 45 grams of urea and place it in a beaker. Then add water until the beaker reaches the one litre mark.

3 Prepare by weight. As an alternative to preparing by molarity, you can simply prepare compounds according to the overall weight of the solution itself. If the problem calls for a 10 per cent solution, weigh out 1 gram of urea and 9 grams of water and mix them together in a beaker.

How to Prepare Urea

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Urea is a solid, colourless and crystallised waste product eliminated through the kidneys. Urea has a chemical formula of H2N-CO-NH2 and is also known as carbamide. Urea is often used as a fertiliser. Like most other compounds, urea can be prepared i[More]

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