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How to Refurbish an Old One Bed Camper

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Old one bed campers are ideal for refurbishing if they are in good condition. These campers are small, allowing them to be pulled by an SUV or minivan, and are well-suited for weekend warriors who want to sleep in comfort while on retreat. One bed ca

Old one bed campers are ideal for refurbishing if they are in good condition. These campers are small, allowing them to be pulled by an SUV or minivan, and are well-suited for weekend warriors who want to sleep in comfort while on retreat. One bed campers are often advertised as a "Hunter's Special," but a little work can restore them to their former glory. A little creativity and elbow grease is all that's needed to transform them from shabby to fabulous.

Skill level:Moderate

Things you need

Roofing sealerFlashing caulkTrisodium phosphateCleaning supplies5-in-1 utility toolInterior and exterior primerInterior and exterior paintPaint brushes and rollersCurtains or drapesFlooring


1 Reseal the seams and flashings to prevent the roof and walls from leaking. Mop a coat of roofing sealer onto the roof. Using roofing sealer is insurance against rain that would ruin your refurbishing efforts.

2 Remove the doors and windows. Scrape the old silicone away from the surface and the frames using a 5-in-1 utility tool. Reapply new beads of silicone and reinstall the doors and windows.

3 Remove all the soft surface furnishings. Old cushions, drapes, and the mattress should be removed. While the mattress can be used after extensive cleaning, the rest of these fabrics are typically outdated and should be replaced.

4 Remove all the old appliance systems and have them inspected buy someone knowledgeable in camper appliance repair. Appliances that are older than 10 years should be replaced with new units.

5 Examine the old flooring for defects. If the flooring is in good condition, clean it thoroughly with soap and water. If it's in need of replacement, a floating, tongue and groove hardwood floor is ideal.

6 Clean the inside of the camper. Start by washing down the walls with a cleaning solution of trisodium phosphate and water. Mix the solution using the manufacturer's directions and scrub the surfaces of the camper. Paint the camper walls and ceiling using a stain and odour-blocking primer and paint.

7 Scrape the exterior paint off the camper with a 5-in-1 utility tool. Run coarse sandpaper of the entire surface of the camper. Paint the camper with an exterior primer. Finish painting the camper with two coats of exterior paint designed for metal.

Tips and warnings

Purchase a camping cook stove as a replacement for the old stove.

Have the septic and water systems inspected and cleaned.

Wear gloves when using trisodium phosphate; it is a major skin irritant.

How to Refurbish an Old One Bed Camper

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Old one bed campers are ideal for refurbishing if they are in good condition. These campers are small, allowing them to be pulled by an SUV or minivan, and are well-suited for weekend warriors who want to sleep in comfort while on retreat. One bed ca[More]

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