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How to Remove Bearings From Bauer Inline Skates

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Bauer is a name long associated with ice hockey. In addition to its ice hockey equipment, Bauer makes a series of products for inline skating and ice hockey, including skates. Bauer inline skates use wheels with bearings housed in a plastic runner. W

Bauer is a name long associated with ice hockey. In addition to its ice hockey equipment, Bauer makes a series of products for inline skating and ice hockey, including skates. Bauer inline skates use wheels with bearings housed in a plastic runner. When the wheels begin to turn slowly or with grit, it is time to change the bearings. To change the bearings you must first get to the existing bearings and remove them.

Skill level:Moderately Easy

Things you need

Bauer skate toolSmall flathead screwdriver


1 Place the Bauer skate tool onto the square-shaped nuts at each wheel. Turn the tool counter-clockwise to loosen and remove the nuts. Pull the wheels up and out of the housing after removing the nut and bolt from each wheel.

2 Pick up one wheel at a time and locate the bearings on the inside of the wheel axle. There are two bearings on both sides of the wheel. Use the screwdriver to pop the bearings out of the circular housing and set the bearings aside as you go.

3 Turn the wheel over and pop the bearings out from the wheel's backside. Continue to remove the bearings from each wheel.

How to Remove Bearings From Bauer Inline Skates

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Bauer is a name long associated with ice hockey. In addition to its ice hockey equipment, Bauer makes a series of products for inline skating and ice hockey, including skates. Bauer inline skates use wheels with bearings housed in a plastic runner. W[More]

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