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How to Replace a 2001 Honda CR-V Fuel Filter

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Damage to the fuel filter on your CR-V most often happens because of rust contamination. The fuel wells at gas stations over time develop rust, which settles at the bottom of the wells and eventually gets sucked up and deposited into vehicles' fuel t

Damage to the fuel filter on your CR-V most often happens because of rust contamination. The fuel wells at gas stations over time develop rust, which settles at the bottom of the wells and eventually gets sucked up and deposited into vehicles' fuel tanks. The fuel filter's purpose is to catch that rust--and any other debris--as the fuel is pumped between the gas tank and the engine. When the filter becomes clogged with rust and debris, the fuel flow diminishes, affecting an engine's performance. On the 2.0-litre 2001 Honda CR-V, the fuel filter mounts against the firewall within the engine compartment. You can replace the filter right at home in 30 minutes or less with a few minor tools.

Skill level:Easy

Things you need

Socket wrench setShop ragLarge shop towelLine wrench set2 fuel line sealing washersFuse puller


1 Remove the gas cap on your CR-V, then open the driver’s door and locate your fuse panel. Take the cover off and flip it over to see the list of fuses in the cluster. Pinpoint the fuel pump fuse and remove it with your fuse puller.

2 Start the engine and allow it to idle until it stalls out. This should take five minutes or less. Once the engine stalls, attempt to start it again three more times. When the engine fails to start, the fuel pressure has safely been relieved. Turn the power to the ignition off and remove the key.

3 Raise the bonnet and properly support it. Locate the negative battery cable and remove it from its post on the battery, using a socket wrench. Wrap a shop rag securely around the terminal at the end of the cable to prevent it from contacting any metal or the battery itself.

4 Locate the fuel filter at the back of the engine compartment. It looks like a miniature time capsule held in place by a clamp.

5 Shove a large shop towel underneath the fuel filter. The towel will catch any remaining gas in the fuel lines when you remove the ends from the filter.

6 Hold the fuel filter with one hand and remove the fuel line nut at the bottom of the filter with a line wrench. Make sure the towel is under the fuel line, then carefully pull the fuel line away from the filter.

7 Remove the bolt holding the top fuel line onto the fuel filter, using a socket wrench. Before you remove the fuel line, make note of the positions of the two sealing washers. You have to use two new sealing washers during installation, or the fuel filter will leak.

8 Loosen the fuel filter’s retaining clip bolt. Slide the old fuel filter out of the clip, then install your new filter right in its place. Tighten the retaining clip’s bolt until snug, then reverse the rest of the removal process to install the new fuel filter.

Tips and warnings

Starting the engine may take a few attempts, because the fuel pressure has to build back up. Once you get the engine running, check the repair for leaks before test driving the CR-V.

Do not use any kind of catch pan under the car to catch the gas released from the fuel filter. The catch pan may catch some of the fuel, but the majority of it will get on other engine components, such as the exhaust pipe. This can be very dangerous because the exhaust pipe gets very hot and can ignite fuel. When you use a towel, any fuel dripping immediately gets soaked up.

Allow the fuel soaked towel to dry before you bring it into any closed off environment.

How to Replace a 2001 Honda CR-V Fuel Filter

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