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How to Replace Chimney Caps

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A chimney cap fits over the crown of the chimney on the roof. The cap covers the flue or flues on the chimney crown to prevent rain, tree debris and animals from entering the chimney. The cap consists of a base that fits around the perimeter of the c

A chimney cap fits over the crown of the chimney on the roof. The cap covers the flue or flues on the chimney crown to prevent rain, tree debris and animals from entering the chimney. The cap consists of a base that fits around the perimeter of the chimney tile and a solid cap. Between these two parts is wire mesh. A chimney cap also acts as a spark diffuser, keeping hot embers away from the roof surface.

Skill level:Moderate

Things you need

Tape measureUtility knifeElectric drillDriver bitPutty knifeMasonry screwsRoofing adhesiveCaulk gun


1 Measure the length and width of chimney crown using a tape measure to ensure that you purchase the correct size cap for your chimney.

2 Remove the old chimney cap by cutting around the perimeter with a utility knife to slice apart the adhesive. You may need to make several passes over the old adhesive to slice through it. Locate the screws that secure the cap and remove them using an electric drill with a driver bit installed. Pull off the old chimney cap and use a putty knife in conjunction with a utility knife to remove as much of the old adhesive as you can.

3 Fit the new chimney cap over the chimney crown and ensure it sits level and covers the crown.

4 Insert two masonry screws on each side of the cap. Use the electric drill with a driver bit installed to drive the screws through the cap flange and into the chimney beneath.

5 Cut the nozzle on a tube of roofing adhesive at a 45-degree angle using the utility knife. Poke the foil at the base of the nozzle interior with the metal rod on the caulk gun designed for this purpose. Place the tube in the caulk gun, insert the plunger into the back of the tube and turn the plunger handle 180 degrees. Press the release button on the handle.

6 Squeeze the caulk gun trigger as you slowly and evenly move the nozzle tip around the entire perimeter of the cap flange. Drag the side of your thumb over the bead of adhesive to press it into the joint between the cap flange and chimney. Ensure that the adhesive completely seals the edge of the cap flange.

How to Replace Chimney Caps

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