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How to Replace Wireless Doorbells

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If you need to replace your doorbell but have no electrical experience, a wireless installation is the answer. These units consist of a battery-operated doorbell button, which is a wireless transmitter, and a chime unit wireless receiver. They are av

How to Replace Wireless Doorbells

If you need to replace your doorbell but have no electrical experience, a wireless installation is the answer. These units consist of a battery-operated doorbell button, which is a wireless transmitter, and a chime unit wireless receiver. They are available in a variety of configurations, from the simple transmitter and single-receiver units to sophisticated installations consisting of multiple receivers with a choice of sounds, volume controls, video capabilities and flashing lights to cater to the hard of hearing.

Skill level:Easy

Things you need

ScrewdriverInsulation tapeCordless power drillPilot drill bitDenatured alcohol (optional)


1 Remove your old doorbell button, using a screwdriver. Unscrew the wires from the back of the unit, one by one. Wrap insulation tape around the terminals on the end of the wires as you remove them. Tuck the wires back inside the hole in the wall or door jamb. The low-voltage doorbell transformer supplying power to the old unit can be left in place without causing any harm.

2 Load batteries into the new wireless doorbell transmitter. Install the unit over the old doorbell button hole. Some units are fixed in place with double-sided adhesive tape; others are attached with two screws. If you are installing a screw type and the screw holes do not match up with the old doorbell holes, use a cordless drill to bore two pilot holes and screw the new unit in place with the screws provided in the kit. Otherwise, remove the protective tape from the back of the unit, clean the attachment area with denatured alcohol, and stick the transmitter in place.

3 Place single or multiple chime receiver units in the desired locations within the transmitter's specified range. Insert batteries if the door chime receivers are battery-operated; otherwise, plug the receivers into the nearest electrical socket.

4 Adjust sounds, volume, and flashing lights if necessary. Test the installation by asking someone to press the transmitter button on the front door.

Tips and warnings

Although battery-operated wireless door chime receivers can be placed anywhere in your home, you may forget to replace the batteries when they run down. On the other hand, main-powered units can be unplugged to prevent disturbing a sleeping baby, or if you or any members of your family enjoy an afternoon nap.

How to Replace Wireless Doorbells

How to Replace Wireless Doorbells

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