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How to splice wire rope end to end

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Splicing is the technique of enjoining two separate objects and fusing them to become one. It is a process both of separation and fusion. The most commonly-spliced everyday material is rope. An old practice, seafarers have used rope splicing for cent

Splicing is the technique of enjoining two separate objects and fusing them to become one. It is a process both of separation and fusion. The most commonly-spliced everyday material is rope. An old practice, seafarers have used rope splicing for centuries to maximise the strength of a rope to accommodate heavy tensions in boats and at the pier. Although a common practice, splicing wire rope requires a special skill to pull off a clean, solid and durable outcome.

Skill level:Moderate

Things you need

Work glovesWork gogglesIndustrial table metal clampWire rope collar8 inch pointed metal stick500 ton press


1 Wear the goggles and the gloves. Insert the collar 3 feet away from the top of the rope. The collar will act as a stopping mark. Hold the wire rope on one end and clamp the wire just after you reach the collared area.

2 Hold the rope, and with the other hand, pry the end of the wire rope with the pointed tipped metal stick. Insert the tip onto the mesh and pry off three strands of wire rope. The other part is the core wire.

3 Twist out the three strands from the main body of the rope. When you reach the 3 feet mark, take the other core part of the rope. The core is the part where you separated the three strands from. Put this over the three strand rope and insert one end of the rope under the core, forming a loop.

4 Bend the two looped parts so that you form a noose-like shape.

5 Twist both ends of the loop over and around the noose towards the collar. This method is coiling the rope into the noose. When the tails reach the intersection of the noose where both coils meet, pry one tail loose to loosen several small wires. Spread them about the noose intersection, then take the collar and slide it into the intersection, locking it. This time, the splice will actually look like a steel noose.

6 Put grease into the setting of the 500 ton press. Place the collar into the setting, and operate the press. Don't let the press go all the way down -- stop half way through, rotate the collar to one side, and start the press again, stop and rotate the collar again. Repeat this until you have completely rotated the collar all the way around. On the final drop, let the press go down completely to properly seal the collar into place. Repeat the similar process of splicing on the other end of the wire rope.

Tips and warnings

Take time in splicing wire ropes. This is not an easy thing to do; it takes practice and strength to develop this skill.

Do not place any of your hands near the industrial clamp and the press.

How to splice wire rope end to end

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Splicing is the technique of enjoining two separate objects and fusing them to become one. It is a process both of separation and fusion. The most commonly-spliced everyday material is rope. An old practice, seafarers have used rope splicing for cent[More]

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