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How to Uninstall Hyper Cache

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Hyper Cache for WordPress is a plugin that enables bloggers who host their WordPress blogs on inexpensive, low-capacity or limited hosting accounts to avoid crashes due to account overload. It does this by storing the pages of your blog in a cache, a

Hyper Cache for WordPress is a plugin that enables bloggers who host their WordPress blogs on inexpensive, low-capacity or limited hosting accounts to avoid crashes due to account overload. It does this by storing the pages of your blog in a cache, and you can specify the details of the cache, such as which pages are to be cached and how long each page remains cached. You can remove Hyper Cache as you would remove any other WordPress plugin.

Skill level:Moderately Easy

Things you need

FTP access to your WordPress siteAdministrator access to your WordPress siteFTP client such as FileZilla


1 Type your WordPress site address followed by a slash (/) and then "wp-admin' in your browser window to access your administrator panel. Enter your administrator login and password in the fields on the login page and wait for the panel to open.

2 Click on "Plugins" in the left sidebar of your administration panel; a list of your installed plugins will appear.

3 Check the box next to "Hyper Cache" in the list of plugins. Expand the pull-down "Bulk Actions" menu at the top left of the list of plugins and click on "Uninstall" followed by the "Apply" button.

4 Launch your FTP client and enter your WordPress server address, FTP login and FTP password to access your site files.

5 Locate the "wp-content/plugins" sub-folder in your site files and open it to locate the Hyper Cache folder. Use the "Delete" function of your FTP client to remove the Hyper Cache folder.

6 Close your FTP client and log out of your administrator panel; use your site as you normally would.

Tips and warnings

Use your Windows or Mac file manager to delete the Hyper Cache files in the "wp-content/plugins" subfolders of any backup copies of your site that you may have stored in case of emergency; by doing so you will not need to repeat the uninstall process in the event you have to restore your backup.

How to Uninstall Hyper Cache

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