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How to Use Blusher to Contour Cheekbones Makeup

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If you don't love the cheekbones you were born with, you can always cheat nature with a touch of skilfully applied blusher. A strategic sweep of colour can contour your face and make your cheekbones pop, endowing you with enviable bone structure in j

How to Use Blusher to Contour Cheekbones Makeup

If you don't love the cheekbones you were born with, you can always cheat nature with a touch of skilfully applied blusher. A strategic sweep of colour can contour your face and make your cheekbones pop, endowing you with enviable bone structure in just a few dabs of a brush.

Skill level:Easy

Things you need

Matt taupe blusherAngled powder brushBlending brush


1 Find your cheekbone. The easiest way to do this is to make a "fishy face," sucking in your cheeks so that you can see the bone more clearly.

2 Place the tip of your index finger on the tragus of your ear--the tragus is the small fold of cartilage between the cheek and the entrance of the ear canal. Rest your index finger on your cheek just below your cheekbone, at about a 45-degree angle. This is the line you'll follow as you apply your blusher.

3 Dip an angled brush into your blusher.

4 Place the brush at the highest point of the line you mapped out with your index finger. Following that line, dab the brush downward. Start with firm pressure at the top of the line, and gradually soften your touch as you move the brush down your cheek, so that the colour gets less concentrated the further you go down. This creates the fading effect that contours your face.

5 Blend the blusher upward, using a blending brush, softening the edges of the line you made until it appears seamless and natural.

Tips and warnings

Choose a matt, natural taupe shade of blusher, preferably with cooler undertones. Avoid sparkly or shimmery blushers.

It's always easier to intensify powder than to tone it down. If you're unsure of how much blusher to start out with or how much pressure to apply it with, always err on the side of caution, gradually building up layers of blusher until you achieve the desired depth of colour.

If you do go a little overboard on the blusher, try sweeping a bit of translucent powder over top of it to soften the colour.

How to Use Blusher to Contour Cheekbones Makeup

How to Use Blusher to Contour Cheekbones Makeup

Category:StyleRelease time:2012-11-29Views:130

If you don't love the cheekbones you were born with, you can always cheat nature with a touch of skilfully applied blusher. A strategic sweep of colour can contour your face and make your cheekbones pop, endowing you with enviable bone structure in j[More]

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