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How to Use Nappy Liners

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Mothers who diaper their babies in cloth diapers have a wide variety of diapering products from which to choose for keeping babies clean and dry. A cloth or disposable nappy liner is one option that you use by placing it on top of the diaper. When th

How to Use Nappy Liners

Mothers who diaper their babies in cloth diapers have a wide variety of diapering products from which to choose for keeping babies clean and dry. A cloth or disposable nappy liner is one option that you use by placing it on top of the diaper. When the baby soils the diaper, any wetness absorbs through the liner and the liner keeps moisture from sitting next to tender skin, thereby keeping your baby cleaner and drier. Nappy liners may be fleece, silk or biodegradable, disposable material.

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Things you need

Diaper nappy or wrapNappy liner


1 Lay out the nappy or wrap with the outside of the diaper facing down and the inside of the diaper facing up.

2 Place the nappy liner on the nappy or wrap with the fleece or other absorbent side facing up. If the nappy or wrap has pockets or flaps for fitting the liner into, tuck the liner into these flaps.

3 Place the wider side of the nappy and liner beneath the baby's bottom.

4 Pull the narrow end of the diaper between the baby's legs and pull the ends of the diaper from the behind the baby around to the front.

5 Fasten the back of the diaper to the front of the diaper around the baby's belly (beneath the navel). Many diaper nappies and wraps fasten with Velcro.

6 Change the nappy liner by unfastening the diaper. Slip the nappy liner from the nappy or wrap and deposit any solid waste into the toilet.

7 Place the soiled liner into a diaper pail to await washing in the washing machine.

8 Change the diaper nappy or wrap only if it became soiled or wet. Insert another nappy liner into the diaper nappy or wrap using the same technique and fasten the diaper on the baby.

9 Wash the nappy liners in the washing machine with other diapering products and materials.

How to Use Nappy Liners

How to Use Nappy Liners

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Mothers who diaper their babies in cloth diapers have a wide variety of diapering products from which to choose for keeping babies clean and dry. A cloth or disposable nappy liner is one option that you use by placing it on top of the diaper. When th[More]

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