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How to Use Ultegra Shifters

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Shimano Ultegra SIS levers are made for road bicycling. These levers are combination gear shifters and brake levers. SIS stands for Shimano Integrated System. Ultegra parts (second from the top in the Shimano component road bicycle hierarchy) are fou

How to Use Ultegra Shifters

Shimano Ultegra SIS levers are made for road bicycling. These levers are combination gear shifters and brake levers. SIS stands for Shimano Integrated System. Ultegra parts (second from the top in the Shimano component road bicycle hierarchy) are found on many higher-end road bicycles. If this is the first time you are using SIS Ultegra levers, there is a very small learning curve.

Skill level:Moderately Easy


1 Hop on the bicycle and head out for a ride. Grip the drop bars in a way that is most comfortable for you. Start to pick up speed and push the entire right hand lever to the inside of the bicycle for one full "click" on the rear cassette (the gears). Continue to push the whole lever to the left (toward the bicycle) to increase the gear with each click.

2 Push the inside lever on the right-hand SIS levers one full "click." Notice the gear downshift one full gear. Continue to push the inside SIS lever one full click to go down through the entire gearing.

3 Push the entire lever on the left-hand SIS lever. This increases the chainring one full ring. A road bicycle may have two or three chainrings. Push the entire lever left one more time if you have a three-ring bicycle.

4 Pull the SIS lever on the right-hand side in toward the drop bars. This applies the rear brake. Pull the left hand SIS lever in toward the drop bars to engage the front brake. Grip the left lever gently, as too much results in unwanted pitching forward, resulting in sending you OTB (over the bars). Use the front brake gingerly.

How to Use Ultegra Shifters

How to Use Ultegra Shifters

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Shimano Ultegra SIS levers are made for road bicycling. These levers are combination gear shifters and brake levers. SIS stands for Shimano Integrated System. Ultegra parts (second from the top in the Shimano component road bicycle hierarchy) are fou[More]

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