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Peavey Scorpion Speaker Specs

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The Peavey Scorpion speaker is designed for use with musical instruments and amplifiers. Able to withstand high levels of power, the Scorpion is ideal for the performer who does not want to blow out the amp. The Scorpion is ideal for use with guitars

Peavey Scorpion Speaker Specs

The Peavey Scorpion speaker is designed for use with musical instruments and amplifiers. Able to withstand high levels of power, the Scorpion is ideal for the performer who does not want to blow out the amp. The Scorpion is ideal for use with guitars, keys, and bass. Peavey designs the Scorpion speaker in three sizes: 10 inches, 12 inches, and 15 inches. The Peavey Scorpion is noted for being able to accurately reproduce sound with punch and clarity.


The Scorpion has an impedance of 8 Ohms, with a constant voltage of 200 watts running through it. It has a sensitivity rating of 98.7 dB / 1 W 1m, which means that it can produce a sound at 98.7 decibels with one watt of power.


The Scorpion is noted for having a usable frequency range of 40 hertz to 2 kilohertz. This means that sounds falling within this frequency range will be produced clearly and accurately, while sounds outside this range will have a different colour. The voice coil diameter is two and 1/2 inches and uses aluminium ribbon wire to feature a warm tone.


The packed weight of the Peavey Scorpion is 7.26 Kilogram. The width of the packed speaker is 17.75 inches. The packed height is 6.75 inches, and the packed depth is 16.75 inches.

Peavey Scorpion Speaker Specs

Peavey Scorpion Speaker Specs

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The Peavey Scorpion speaker is designed for use with musical instruments and amplifiers. Able to withstand high levels of power, the Scorpion is ideal for the performer who does not want to blow out the amp. The Scorpion is ideal for use with guitars[More]

Peavey HiSys 115 Specs

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The Peavey HiSys series of speaker enclosures are designed to offer low-frequency sound reinforcement for live music applications. Offered in several configurations, the HiSys 115 model offers a built-in crossover circuit, high-pass output socket and[More]

Peavey Rage 158 Specs

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The Peavey Rage 158 is a small electric guitar amplifier. It is intended for use as a practice amp in homes or other small venues. The Rage 158 can be found online for £32 to £58 in August of 2010. Audio Specifications The Rage 158 has two channels.[More]

Peavey Combo 300 Specs

Peavey Combo 300 Specs

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The Peavey Combo 300 is a bass amp with a 15 inch speaker. The amp is built with an external speaker input to handle multiple speakers and it has eight settings for tone quality. Peavey no longer makes Combo 300 amps. Power The Peavey Combo 300 runs[More]

Peavey Mark VI Specs

Peavey Mark VI Specs

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The Peavey Mark VI is a bass amplifier head that provides lots of power. The two power options are 250 watts at 4 ohms or 400 watts at 2 ohms. It is a solid state amp but the EQ, chorus and compression functions provide a variety of possibilities for[More]

Peavey CS 400 Specs

Peavey CS 400 Specs

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The Peavey CS 400 is a dual channel power amplifier used in audio systems. Peavey's CS series of power amps contain a variety of models, each with different power capabilities. The CS 400 is a 400-watt power amplifier and is adequately powerful for c[More]

Peavey basic 60 specs

Peavey basic 60 specs

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The Peavey Basic bass amplifier line included the Basic 40, Basic 50, Basic 60 and Basic 112 models. The Basic model solid-state bass amps were produced from the early '80s throughout the '90s, and, like all Peavey amplifiers, their durability is hig[More]

Mustang Mach 460 Speaker Specs

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The Mach 460 audio system is offered in Ford vehicles such as the Mustang. Understanding the composition of this high-performance audio system allows you to more fully appreciate the value added component of having it as an option in your impending p[More]

Peavey Limited Series Specs

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Peavey is known for its guitar amplifiers and less known as a creator of electric guitars. The Peavey Limited Series was created as a less expensive guitar alternative for Americans seeking an American-made guitar that won't break the bank. Four guit[More]

How to Recone a Peavey SP2

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The Peavey SP2 speaker system is a two-way speaker enclosure featuring a passive crossover, RX22 compression driver and a 15-inch Black Widow low frequency speaker. Repairing speakers typically requires skilled technicians and specialised equipment.[More]

How to Change an OEM Speaker in a Peavey Vypyr 15

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Replacing a speaker in an amplifier is one of the easiest tasks a guitarist can perform on her own, particularly when it is being replaced with an OEM (orignal equimpent manufacturer) part. No additional adjustments or cutting are necessary, all of t[More]

Specs for Peavey 60/60 Amp

Specs for Peavey 60/60 Amp

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The Peavey Classic 60/60 is a 60-watt, all-tube power amp for an electric guitar. While no longer in production, the Classic 60/60 can be found used and still provides a solid foundation for a rack-mounted guitar set-up. Features The Peavey Classic 6[More]

Peavey renown 400 guitar amp specs

Peavey renown 400 guitar amp specs

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2013-10-19Views:130

The Peavey Renown 400 guitar amp is a solid state amplifier released in the late '80s. Solid state technology was still relatively new during the '80s, and Peavey was one of the first amplifier manufacturers to make production model solid state guita[More]

Peavey 1200D Specs

Peavey 1200D Specs

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The Peavey XR 1200D is a stereo powered mixer. The 12-channel mixer features basic digital effects and offers a number of different style inputs and outputs. The amount of power amplification available will depend on whether the speakers attached are[More]

How to Wire a Peavey Speaker

How to Wire a Peavey Speaker

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2015-03-13Views:130

Peavey loudspeakers are popular among musicians and DJs who need sturdy, reliable gear that connects quickly at the top of the gig and breaks down fast at the end of the night. Peavey loudspeakers use a 1/4-inch audio cable with 3-pin XLR-type connec[More]

Speaker Box Specs

Speaker Box Specs

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2012-03-14Views:130

The speaker box is a loudspeaker enclosure where you store all of the speaker equipment, including the speaker itself. This enclosure keeps all of the parts in one location and protects the speaker parts from damage. Amateurs sometimes try to build t[More]

How to Replace a Peavey Classic 30 Speaker

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The Peavy Classic 30 is a vintage-style small amplifier. It has one 12-inch Blue Marvel speaker. One way to upgrade a Classic 30 is to replace the stock speaker with a higher-quality speaker. Replacing the speaker is a simple process that takes no mo[More]

Peavey Bandit 112 Amp Specifications

Peavey Bandit 112 Amp Specifications

Category:HealthRelease time:2012-03-10Views:130

The Bandit 112 amplifier is a member of Peavey's TransTube Series. A solid-state amp designed specifically to emulate the tones of tube amps, the Bandit 112 offers beginners and professionals the chance to experiment with a much broader range of soun[More]

Peavey KB 15 Specifications

Category:LifestyleRelease time:2013-08-14Views:130

The Peavey KB 15 is part of Peavey's "Keyboard Amplification System" series of amplifiers. While the KB 15's compact size and weight make it easy to transport, its design and features make it a perfect amp for practicing, warm-up or songwriting. The[More]

How to Install Peavey SSE 15 Speakers

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2012-01-06Views:130

Peavey SSE 15 speakers are designed for public address systems with permanently installed loudspeakers. The SSE 15 series can be installed in auditoriums, stadiums and church sanctuaries, for example, where the sound needs to cover a large area. Wall[More]

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