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032 stihl chainsaw specs

Stihl Chainsaw Specs

Stihl Chainsaw Specs

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Andreas Stihl, the founder of the original German company, invented the first portable chainsaw in 1926. Stihl USA Inc. manufactured its first chainsaw in 1974 and the company now produces more than 200 different models of chainsaws and other power t[More]

How to Set 032 AV Stihl Chainsaw Ignition Points

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There are two points of ignition on a 032 AV Stihl chainsaw: the spark plug and the ignition module. The spark plug's gap can easily be fixed by replacing the spark plug. The gap, or point, on the ignition module is much more precise and needs to be[More]

Stihl Chainsaw Engine Specs

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Stihl chainsaws use proprietary single-cylinder two-stroke engines that are available in many different sizes. The size and power of engines used in Stihl chainsaws are defined by the displacement, stroke and bore of the engine. Light Duty Stihl make[More]

How do I Split a Crankcase on a Stihl Chainsaw?

How do I Split a Crankcase on a Stihl Chainsaw?

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When a Stihl chainsaw develops an oil leak or begins to smoke when used, chances are the crankcase needs to be repaired. Replacement crankcases are available for sale from a variety of sources as an entire unit. However, if the problem can be resolve[More]

How to Troubleshoot Stihl Chainsaws

How to Troubleshoot Stihl Chainsaws

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Stihl makes an entire line of gas-powered chainsaws, which provide a convenient way to remove branches, cut down trees, and reduce logs to manageable size. While Stihl chainsaws are constructed to deliver many years of quality service, problems may o[More]

Stihl Chainsaw Troubleshooting and Help

Stihl Chainsaw Troubleshooting and Help

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Sometimes it seems like nothing you do will get your Stihl chainsaw to start and run properly. With so many parts and even more problems for those parts, it can be difficult even knowing where to start. But using the three engine principles of compre[More]

How to Troubleshoot a Stihl Chainsaw that Is Hard to Start

How to Troubleshoot a Stihl Chainsaw that Is Hard to Start

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When your Stihl chainsaw starts, but only after battling the starter rope, you likely have one of two problems: a bad spark plug or poor gas flow. These common problems will drop any engine, which is why you should check for these during your schedul[More]

Instructions for Stihl Chainsaw Sharpening

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Every Stihl chainsaw chain cuts with a specialised component called a cutter, which is made of two parts: the blade, also called the cutter, and the depth gauge. The depth gauge looks like a small hook on the back of the blade and determines how deep[More]

How to Unstop the Oiler on a Stihl Chainsaw

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The chainsaw oiler, consisting of a small hose and nozzle, distributes oil to the bar and chain for lubrication during cutting. The hose and nozzle run straight from the oil pump, a piston-driven automatic pump. Dirt or dried oil can get lodged insid[More]

How to Repair the Oiler on a Stihl Chainsaw

How to Repair the Oiler on a Stihl Chainsaw

Category:HomeRelease time:2012-07-22Views:130

Lubrication for the bar and chain on Stihl chainsaws comes from an oil pump, which is attached to the oil tank. The pump is attached to the worm drive on the clutch, so when the clutch is spinning the pump is also engaged. Oil is distributed to the b[More]

How to Service a Stihl Chainsaw

How to Service a Stihl Chainsaw

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Perform regular checks and maintenance to keep your Stihl chainsaw running properly. This will optimise your saw's performance and identify small problems before they become bigger. Stihl saws require different services at different times throughout[More]

Stihl Chainsaw Will Not Stay Running

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Andreas Stihl & Co. is a well-known manufacturer of chainsaws. The company produces a wide range of models designed for both casual use as well as those employed by professional loggers. As with any piece of power equipment, a chainsaw requires r[More]

How to Replace the Oil Pump on a STIHL Chainsaw

How to Replace the Oil Pump on a STIHL Chainsaw

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An oil pump on a Stihl chainsaw regulates the amount of oil pumped into the bar to lubricate it during operation. Proper chain lubrication is essential to ensure maximum performance of your Stihl. Damage to the oil pump will cause poor lubrication, w[More]

How to Adjust the Oiler on a Stihl Chainsaw

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A Stihl chainsaw uses an automatic oiler, which is an adjustable screw that regulates the output of oil from the pump. This screw will increase or decrease oil flow to the bar and chain during cutting. The screw -- a semi-manual setting -- can't stop[More]

Assembly Instructions for a 039 Stihl Chainsaw

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Taking apart your 039 Stihl chainsaw may cause few problems, but putting it back together again may prove a bit more challenging. To get the saw running again, you will need to mount the bar, tension the chain properly and make sure the fuel and oil[More]

Repair Guide for a Stihl Chainsaw

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A Stihl chainsaw requires regular cleaning and maintenance, and all repairs should be made immediately after a problem is discovered. Allowing a problem to go unchecked will cause other parts in the chainsaw to fail. While disassembling the chainsaw[More]

How to Identify Stihl Chainsaws Models

How to Identify Stihl Chainsaws Models

Category:HomeRelease time:2013-08-04Views:130

Stihl is among the foremost makers of gas and electric power tools, including chainsaws. When ordering parts or attempting to make repairs to your Stihl chainsaw you might need to know the make and model, which can usually easily be looked up in your[More]

How to Remove the Carburetor & Boot on a Stihl Chainsaw

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The carburettor on a Stihl chainsaw drives the fuel system, while the boot attaches to the spark plug and helps drive the ignition system. Although these two parts are interconnected, removing them requires two different procedures. These parts are c[More]

How to Repaint Stihl Chainsaws

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Stihl chainsaws are one of the more popular brand of chainsaws among both homeowners and contractors. The orange-coloured casing and the Stihl logo imprinted on the chainsaw blade are familiar sights to those who use them. One way to keep your Stihl[More]

Stihl Chainsaw Carb Troubleshooting

Stihl Chainsaw Carb Troubleshooting

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2013-09-07Views:130

The carburettor on a Stihl chainsaw contains a metering section, a mixing section and an attached fuel pump with diaphragm. When the engine stops performing properly, the culprit is usually the carburettor. Dirty or old carburettors and fuel systems[More]

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