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How to Remove the Rear Shocks From a 1997 Ford F-150

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2012-06-30Views:130

In 1997, Ford made a fairly controversial change to its flagship pickup, the F-150. In this model year, Ford eliminated the boxy look in favour of a rounded, less truck-like appearance. The 1997F-150 came standard with a 4.2-litre V6 that produced 20[More]

1997 Yamaha Blaster Specs

1997 Yamaha Blaster Specs

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2012-08-17Views:130

The 1997 Blaster made by Yamaha offers riders an all terrain vehicle (ATV) for off-road recreational use. The Blaster debuted in 1989 as a quad, and it featured one of the highest power to weight ratios in its class. The 2006 model-year was the last[More]

How to Increase the Horsepower in Your VS Commodore

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2012-09-01Views:130

The Commodore VS is a full-sized car produced and designed by Holden, the Australian division of General Motors. It was produced from 1995 to 1997 and was offered in coupe, sedan and wagon body types. There were several engine options for the VS Comm[More]

1997 vortec engine specifications

1997 vortec engine specifications

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2012-09-24Views:130

The original Chevy Vortec engine was built in 1986, a 4.3 L V-6 engine. The 7.4 L 7400 V-8 Vortec engine was produced from 1996 to 2001 and was a fourth-generation Vortec engine. The Vortec technology comes from the word "vortex." Chevy placed a vort[More]

1997 sunbird spirit 170 specifications

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2012-10-04Views:130

Sunbird Boat Company opened in 1981 in South Carolina, and was sold to Outboard Marine in the early 1990s. Outboard Marine continued to produce the popular Sunbird boats throughout that decade. The 1997 Sunbird Spirit 170 was a popular powerboat for[More]

1997 CBR1100XX Blackbird Fuel System Specs

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2012-12-05Views:130

In 1997, Honda introduced its CBR1100XX Blackbird. Honda designed this motorcycle to compete with the Kawasaki ZX-11. Honda's sport touring Blackbird combined the power of a street or track racing motorcycle with the comfort needed for long rides. Th[More]

1997 L300 Exceed Specs

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2013-01-03Views:130

The Mitsubishi L300, also known as the Mitsubishi Delicia and the Mitsubishi Van, is a Multi-Purpose Van (MPV) that has been manufactured since 1968 and continues to be manufactured as of 2010. The Exceed model in 1997 differed from other L300 trims[More]

1997 4.3 Blazer Intake Torque Specs

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2013-01-07Views:130

In 1997, the Chevrolet Blazer featured a six-cylinder engine that displaced 262 cubic inches, or 4.3 litres. This engine could produce 190 horsepower at 4,400rpm and 250ft.-lb. of torque at 2,800rpm. Manufacturers set specifications for its component[More]

1997 Tiburon Engine Specifications

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2013-01-20Views:130

Hyundai entered the sports compact segment during the 1997 model-year with the introduction of the Tiburon. While the vehicle was not a modern-day muscle car, it offered Hyundai's dealership network an option in a segment the manufacturer had previou[More]

1997 BMW 318 TDS Information

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2014-03-22Views:130

The diesel-powered 1997 BMW 318 TDS was a member of the third-generation 1991 to 1998 BMW 3 Series. The 3 Series originally began production in 1975. BMW identified the 318s produced during this period with the in-house designation of E36. BMW positi[More]

Specifications of the 1997 Toyota RAV4

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2014-04-10Views:130

The 1997 Toyota RAV4 was introduced in 1996 as a small sport utility vehicle. The RAV4 comes in two-wheel and four-wheel drive. Each version offers the option two doors or four doors. The 1997 RAV4 was originally priced between £9,750 and £11,050. In[More]

How to Loosen a Tension Pulley on a 1997 Cavalier

How to Loosen a Tension Pulley on a 1997 Cavalier

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2014-05-30Views:130

The Chevrolet Cavalier was introduced in 1982. The 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier base model was equipped with a 120-horsepower, 2.2-litre in-line four-cylinder engine and a five-speed manual transmission. A 2.4-litre engine was available as an upgrade for[More]

Chevy Astro Van 1997 Specifications

Chevy Astro Van 1997 Specifications

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2014-06-04Views:130

The 1997 Chevy Astro van comes in four different models. The all wheel drive (AWD), cargo van, two-wheel drive and the cargo van AWD. Most vans are designed on a car platform, but the Astro van is a truck. The 1997 Astro van boasts the highest towing[More]

The Specifications for a 1997 Yamaha 40 HP

The Specifications for a 1997 Yamaha 40 HP

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2014-06-28Views:130

Started in 1953, Yamaha Motor Corporation first began manufacturing outboard motors in the 1960s. Thus the company had over 30 years of experience by the time it released two separate 40 horsepower motors in 1997. Though both had the same performance[More]

1997 Suzuki GSX600F Specifications

1997 Suzuki GSX600F Specifications

Category:StyleRelease time:2014-11-03Views:130

The Suzuki GSX600F is a motorcycle model that dates back to 1988. The sporty model is one of many manufactured by Suzuki. While many of its characteristics remain similar from year to year, some specifications do vary. For this reason, specifications[More]

How to replace a thermostat on a 1997 BMW 528i

How to replace a thermostat on a 1997 BMW 528i

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2015-01-13Views:130

The 1997 BMW 528i is not only considered a luxury vehicle, it is also a performance vehicle. Unfortunately, age can play a factor in its performance. When the cooling system builds up sludge, it accumulates around the thermostat and can cause the eng[More]

How to Install the Gasket Valve Cover on the 1997 Nissan Altima

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2015-02-21Views:130

Nissan developed the Altima as the replacement for the Stanza for the 1993 model year. The 1997 Nissan Altima was the final year of the first generation of Altimas, as it received a visual upgrade the following year. The 1997 Altima came fitted with[More]

6.5 liter engine horsepower specifications

6.5 liter engine horsepower specifications

Category:FoodRelease time:2015-02-26Views:130

General Motors introduced the 6.5L diesel engine in 1992 as a replacement for their 6.2L engine. The engines were manufactured by Detroit Diesel, and were designed for fuel efficiency rather than power. The engine was offered in both naturally aspira[More]

1997 Seadoo Challenger Specs

1997 Seadoo Challenger Specs

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2015-04-05Views:130

Seadoo produced its first watercraft in 1968. Laurent Beaudoin, the founder of Seadoo, created the first Seadoo based on snowmobiles with the help of Clayton Jacobsen II, the inventor of the stand-up Kawasaki Jet-Ski. The 1997 Seadoo Challenger, whil[More]

1997 Chevy Z71 Specifications

1997 Chevy Z71 Specifications

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2015-04-16Views:130

Between 1988 and 1998, Chevrolet and GM offered an off-road package on their GM 400 trucks, Chevrolet Blazers and two-door Tahoes called the Z71. After 1998, consumers could purchase the Z71 package on all Tahoes. The Z71 package changed nothing abou[More]

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