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how to kill tree fungus

How to kill tree fungus

How to kill tree fungus

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Fungi cause tree trunks and branches to decay and can damage large parts of a tree in a short time. Wood becomes weak, and the storage of sapwood is compromised. Oak root fungus, for example, causes a white rot. Another common foliage fungus is powde[More]

How to kill trees with copper

How to kill trees with copper

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Many people forget that trees--despite their size--are plants the same as flowers growing along the sidewalk or even the grass in the yard. Like lawn plants, trees are sensitive to certain chemical compounds that are used for herbicides and can be ki[More]

How to kill toenail fungus with bleach

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Toenail fungus is an unsightly condition caused by yeast and other types of fungi. When a fungus infects the toenail, the result is yellowing and thickening of the nail. Eventually, the nail may begin to crumble, and the area beneath it may emit a fo[More]

How to kill tree roots nontoxically

How to kill tree roots nontoxically

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Trees beautify landscapes, add privacy to property, and disperse oxygen into the atmosphere. Although many homeowners appreciate the shade that trees provide, very large trees can dominate landscapes and overshadow garden plants that require sunlight[More]

How to kill tree borers

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Tree borers are insects that infest trees under bark and damage them extensively by boring and tunnelling through the wood. Trees that are growing poorly or are already under stress from inadequate care and disease are more prone to infestation from[More]

How to kill tree roots with sulfate

How to kill tree roots with sulfate

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Tree roots are a nemesis to most sewer pipes. Many trees gravitate to the moisture around the pipes and eventually, the root breaks through the pipes. If you ignore the issue and allow the roots to grow, it could cost you thousands to repair or repla[More]

How to kill tree roots with milk

How to kill tree roots with milk

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One way to kill the root system on a tree stump is to rot out the stump. The rot will travel down into the roots and eventually destroy them. You can use chemicals to complete a tree stump rotting or you can use powdered milk, which you can get from[More]

How to Kill Pore Fungus With Sea Salt

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Named for having pores instead of gills on the undersides of their caps, pore fungus, or pore mushrooms, grow on wood in a shelf-like manner. Pore fungi typically grow on the dead wood of trees, but can sometimes take over, depleting nutrients and ev[More]

How to Kill Skin Fungus

How to Kill Skin Fungus

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Fungal infections are a common, if uncomfortable, skin disorder. Dark, damp environments are a breeding ground for fungi, making certain areas of the body, such as the feet, particularly vulnerable to infection. While indicators vary from one type of[More]

How to Kill Black Fungus Growing on Yard Plants

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Black fungus on yard plants is a sure sign that they have been infected with black, sooty mould. This common fungal disease is caused by a secretion called honeydew, left on leaves from insects such as aphids, mealybugs, scales and whiteflies. Honeyd[More]

How to kill powdery fungus with sea salt

How to kill powdery fungus with sea salt

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A toenail fungal infection reduces affected toenails to dry, soft, flaking powder. If your nails are crumbling due to powdery fungus, you've probably tried most conventional fungal removal techniques, including acid-containing, anti-fungal medication[More]

How to Kill Tree Roots In a Sewer

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Sluggish plumbing may be the result of tree roots growing in sewer lines. With the proper use of copper sulphate, those roots can be removed without causing harm to the tree, and offending organisms lurking in the sewer can be killed. Copper sulphate[More]

How to kill tree stumps with salt

How to kill tree stumps with salt

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Unwanted tree stumps are unsightly blemishes in your yard that can be obstacles to proper landscaping. Accidentally mowing over roots from a low tree stump can damage your lawn care equipment. Killing the tree stump makes it easier to remove complete[More]

How to identify tree fungus

How to identify tree fungus

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Trees that are healthy and fit seldom have problems with fungus. When a tree is stressed due to bark injury, broken branches or drought can put stress on the tree. The weakened tree is more prone to being attacked by fungi. Many types of fungi feed o[More]

How to kill tree roots with salt

How to kill tree roots with salt

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Tree removal can be a dangerous, expensive and messy job. An unfortunate consequence of some tree removals is a large stump and root system that remains even after the tree is cut and hauled away. Although the majority of the tree is gone, the roots[More]

How to Kill Carpet Fungus

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Cleaning up unsightly mould can beautify your home, school or office. Mold remediation is also important to maintaining a healthy environment. While mould remediation on non-porous surfaces may only require a simple damp wipe and drying period, carpe[More]

How to kill tree suckers

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A sucker on a tree is essentially the beginning of a new tree or branch. For some trees, suckers are the primary means of reproduction. Perhaps the most common situation of unwanted suckers on a tree is on the stump of a newly cut tee. Regardless of[More]

How to Kill Tree Sprouts

How to Kill Tree Sprouts

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Trees are tenacious plants, and often their removal requires more than just a chainsaw. Some trees send out suckers from their root systems. which will occur even if the entire tree has been taken down and there is no energy producing foliage. Others[More]

How to kill tree stumps with roundup

How to kill tree stumps with roundup

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After you chop down the main part of the tree, you will want to treat the remaining stump to kill it. Roundup makes a product called Roundup Tree Stump and Root Killer that is highly effective at killing your unwanted stumps. It will also prevent veg[More]

How to kill powerful fungus with sea salt

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Fungus likes to grow in dark and damp locations. As a result, it frequently will grow on the feet -- a condition known as athlete's foot. The fungal infection thrives on damp shower floors and can be easily spread in a communal shower environment. Ot[More]

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