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Fibreglass is durable, long-lasting and lightweight, making it a suitable choice for garden pots and planters. To make a fibreglass planter, you need a metal mould or an actual planter in your desired size around which you can lay the mats. The mater [More]
Wood floor maintenance is typically simple. From time to time, the clear coat of wax on top of your floor may need a little face lift. To do this properly, rent a slow-speed floor buffer from a tool rental company for a day. Two or three standard siz [More]
The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a set of 17 numbers that create a type of DNA for a specific vehicle. This set of numbers carries quite a bit of information about the Ford truck it is placed on. The VIN number can inform you where the tru [More]
Cooking with venison is a great way to use up fresh deer meat that you've purchased or hunted for yourself. However, it's important to ensure the venison hasn't gone bad--which can sometimes happen, particularly with fresh venison as no preservatives [More]
The Labradoodle, a cross between a poodle and a Labrador retriever, has become an increasingly popular choice for people looking for a potentially allergy-friendly pet. However, it is not an officially recognised dog breed. Because this cross does no [More]
Kittens are timid, and bringing one into your home is exciting for you, but frightening for the kitten. Having the right supplies for your kitten can help it make the transition more smoothly. Be sure to have a kitten house for your kitten to stay in [More]
Melting glass bottles in a kiln is also called glass slumping. During the melting process, the side of the bottle facing up falls, or slumps, onto the side of the bottle that's resting on the kiln shelf or in the mould. Commercial moulds are availabl [More]
How Does an Oyster Make a Pearl? Pearls have long been regarded for their beauty and value. Although pearls can be produced by man, natural pearls are the most sought after and expensive form of pearls. Additionally, despite the fact that most shelle [More]
While most people like to be recognised for a job well done, there are some who'd just as soon receive their thanks quietly and in private than to have a major fuss that thrusts them into the spotlight. More often than not, the latter scenario will c [More]
Dynamic lighting is a technique that simulates realistic lighting in a game world in real time, rather than depending on an artist to draw lighting effects into the game world at design time. This allows the lighting of the game world to respond to r [More]