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When you are creating a web page, it is important that the page layout adheres to good design principles. Ensuring that the white space of the web page correctly balances with the other elements is necessary if the design is not to look too crowded o [More]
There are many different types of DVD discs. Some may be only written once; others written multiple times. DVD discs can vary in the amount of data they can hold, depending on what kind you purchase. DVDs also may come with different transfer rates t [More]
Like everyone else, you've probably had a file stored in your computer that you would prefer not to be seen by anyone else. But deleting the file and emptying the recycle bin is only one step of the process toward complete removal. The file can still [More]
Urns can be planted with many different types of plants. They can be used to create stylish container gardens that hold edibles of all kinds to bulbs and exotics. Regardless of what you choose, make sure that all plant materials have the same light, [More]
Nothing beats a light show to music, and especially an LED light show you can make yourself. LEDs are light-emitting diodes that run on a very small amount of power. When connected to an audio source, such as a pair of computer speakers, the lights w [More]
Traditional Japanese clothing is patterned on rectangular shapes that are then slightly altered and pieced together. The basic design can be adapted for a variety of modern styles and many types of occasions, from casual to dressy. By switching out t [More]
Scanners are radio devices that will "scan" a number of channels that are programmed with specific frequencies to monitor. The frequencies that are programmed by the scanner's owner might be used by the local police, fire or emergency services for di [More]
Creating an effective workspace means using every square inch of the kitchen effectively. Although the space is small, it can seem bigger by using lighter colours for walls and cabinets. Laying out the work areas and storage may require using small m [More]
Crocheted flowers come in many varieties and can be used in several ways. Use a crocheted flower as a topper for gift wrap, or add a pin backing and wear one as a brooch. Include a chenille stem and display them in a vase, or string them together to [More]
No matter what type of business you own, it is important to save money whenever and wherever you can. One way to save money while also preserving desk space is to opt for an HP all-in-one printer instead of buying a separate printer, copier and scann [More]