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rocker arm torque on 3 1 gm v6

Torque Specifications of Rocker Arm Bolts

Torque Specifications of Rocker Arm Bolts

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On engines that use pushrods, rocker arms are levers responsible for transfer up-and-down motion from the camshaft (via the lifters and pushrods) to the valves. Overhead-camshaft engines typically use cam followers, which are similar in function but[More]

Torque Specifications for Rocker Arm Bolts for a 3.1 Liter Chevy V-6

Torque Specifications for Rocker Arm Bolts for a 3.1 Liter Chevy V-6

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The 3.1-litre engine is a member of GM's 60-degree V6-engine family. GM, the parent company of Chevrolet, began producing these engines in 1980. The manufacturer produced its first 3.1-litre in 1993. Rocker Arm An engine's rocker arm is a reciprocati[More]

The torque specifications for a 3.1 rocker arm

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The 3.1-litre engine is a member of GM's 60-degree V6 engine family. GM, the parent company of Chevrolet, began producing these engines in 1980. The manufacturer first produced this 191-cubic-inch displacement engine in 1993. Rocker Arm Specification[More]

How to Tighten Small Block Chevy Rocker Arms

How to Tighten Small Block Chevy Rocker Arms

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The rocker arms on the small block Chevrolet engine are more "adjusted" than tightened. Small block Chevy engines have a zero-lash hydraulic lifter system. The lifter rides on the camshaft. As the camshaft rotates the lifter rises and pushes the push[More]

How to calculate cam lift with 1.6 rocker arms

How to calculate cam lift with 1.6 rocker arms

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You can calculate advertised cam lift by multiplying the rocker arm ratio by the actual lift provided by the camshaft. Most engines use 1.5-to-1 ratio rocker arms. To get extra cam lift on an engine using 1.5-to-1 ratio rocker arms, install 1.6-to-1[More]

Rocker Torque Specifications for a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0L

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The rocker arms in a 2000 Ford Ranger transfer camshaft movement to valve movement, which control the inlet and exhaust of gasses into each cylinder. Given the fast operating speed of the camshaft, precise rocker arm maintenance is crucial to the ope[More]

How to Calculate Torque on a Robot Arm

How to Calculate Torque on a Robot Arm

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Torque is an expression of twisting force around an axis. Units used to communicate torque describe both the size of the tangential force, and the length of the arm applying the force to the shaft. For example, a 100-pound weight hanging at the end o[More]

How to Change Rocker Box Gaskets on the Harley Evolution

How to Change Rocker Box Gaskets on the Harley Evolution

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The Evolution engine was a significant upgrade over the preceding Shovelhead power plants. Part of the redesign was the replacement of the spade-shaped Shovelhead rocker covers with rocker covers that looked like a stack of blocks. Harley cheerfully[More]

The Torque Specifications of a 1965 Chevrolet Truck

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The 1965 Chevrolet pickup truck was available with the 194 and 230 cubic inch six-cylinder engines and with the 283 and 327 eight-cylinder engines. Aside from the different displacement, the two six-cylinder engines are essentially the same, as are t[More]

Torque Specifications for a 1998 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Liter

Torque Specifications for a 1998 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Liter

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The 1998 Jeep Cherokee was available with a 6-cylinder 4.0 litre engine. As with all engines, rebuilding the 4.0 litre requires careful attention to detail. One of the most important and commonly overlooked details is the engine's torque specificatio[More]

How to Replace Harley Rocker Box Gaskets

How to Replace Harley Rocker Box Gaskets

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Leaking rocker box gaskets were a particular problem with Harley Evolution engines. Harley went through four generations of lower rocker covers and four versions of the middle cover, or D-Ring, as the motor company tried to solve the problem. The ear[More]

Ford 351 Modified Torque Specs

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The Ford 351 Modified, or 351M, is a member of the manufacturer's 355 series of engines. The 351M was developed in 1975 as a replacement for the outdated 351 Cleveland, and was installed in larger passenger cars. Beginning in 1977, these engines were[More]

Mitsubishi 2000 LS Sport 3 Liter Torque Specifications

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The 2000 Mitsubishi Montero LS Sport was equipped with the 6G72 3.0-litre eight-cylinder engine as standard equipment. The engine was unique as compared to many other engines of the time as it featured an overhead camshaft rather than a camshaft loca[More]

How to Pull Harley Rocker Boxes

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The popularity of the motorcycle counterculture is currently reaching an all-time high. But while the fun and adventure of motorcycle travel may be undeniable, the hidden cost of motorcycle maintenance can become prohibitive. That's where a good mech[More]

Head Torque Specifications on a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2

Head Torque Specifications on a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2

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Chevrolet manufactured the Cavalier, a compact car, from 1982 to 2005. Throughout its lifetime, this was one of the nation's best-selling compact cars. A replacement for the Monza, the Cavalier competed with the Dodge Omni and the Honda Civic. In 199[More]

Torque specifications of a GM 3100 push rod

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GM's 3100, a 3.1-litre V6 engine, was first produced in 1988. It features push rods that operate within the camshaft. Also known as an overhead valve, the push rod opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves in this engine. Engine Specifications T[More]

Sportster Bolt Torque Specs

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The Sportster is a line of Harley-Davidson motorcycles first produced in 1957. According to enthusiasts Allan Girdler et al., this makes it arguably the longest lasting model in motorcycle history. Mechanic Joe Minton warns that over-tightened bolts[More]

Ford 7.5L Torque Specifications

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Until 2000, the 7.5 litre V8 engine was the largest gasoline engine that Ford manufactured. While it was used extensively in the manufacturer's larger luxury vehicles and pickup trucks, it was popular also as an industrial engine because it could pro[More]

GMC Sierra Bolt Torque Specifications

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The GMC Sierra, a full-size pickup truck, is similar to the Chevrolet Silverado. These trucks have been produced, with different names, since 1975. Because of the diverse needs of pickup truck owners, General Motors has consistently manufactured its[More]

92 Chevy 350 Torque Specs

92 Chevy 350 Torque Specs

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Aside from its reverse flow cooling system and a few other minor changes, the Chevrolet LT1 (produced from 1992 to 1996) is, in almost every way, a traditional small block Chevy. Perhaps the most beloved and commonly hot-rodded V8 of all time, the sm[More]

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