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two motherboards in one case

How to mount two ATX motherboards in one case

How to mount two ATX motherboards in one case

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When running web servers, physical space can be limited. Servers are often crammed into a room of their own to increase profit and cut down on the space needed to rent. Multiple motherboards can be mounted inside a single full-size server case and ru[More]

Can You Put Two Routers on One Cable Internet Connection?

Can You Put Two Routers on One Cable Internet Connection?

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There are two ways to put two routers on one cable modem. They can be put in parallel or as a series. Series connections do not need any agreement with the Internet service provider. Parallel connection Parallel connections are used if two addresses[More]

How to Set Up Two Satellites on One Dish

How to Set Up Two Satellites on One Dish

Category:HomeRelease time:2012-03-19Views:130

It's easy to set up two satellites on one dish. Satellite systems for home entertainment usage have multiple receivers that are set up to work in conjunction with the satellite dish. However, you'll need to have a minimum of a dual LNB with the dish[More]

How to crimp two wires in one molex connector

How to crimp two wires in one molex connector

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Molex connectors are small, crimp-style pins. The two halves of these connectors mate together, using a quick-connect shell to secure the male and female ends. On occasion, it may be necessary to crimp two wires into one Molex pin connector, such as[More]

Can you trade in two cars for one?

Can you trade in two cars for one?

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Trading in a vehicle is a stressful transaction. Between haggling on the trade value and an out-the-door price for a new vehicle, buyers are often left in the dark while negotiating. Despite this, it is possible to trade two cars in for a single new[More]

How to connect two TVs to one satellite box

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2013-03-15Views:130

When you purchase satellite television service, you'll need special equipment for it to work properly. The signal comes from the satellite into your satellite dish. Then, the signal runs to your satellite receiver, also known as a satellite box. The[More]

How to connect two ipods to one iTunes account

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Your iTunes account will contain all of the audio and video files that have been saved to the iTunes library on the computer. When you attempt to use two or more iPods with the one iTunes account, the iTunes program may attempt to remove all of the f[More]

How to Connect Two Keyboards to One Mac Mini

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2013-08-22Views:130

The Mac mini, despite its size, possesses many of the technologies found in larger and more sophisticated computers. To connect two keyboards to one Mac mini, utilise the Bluetooth function built into the Mac's operating system. A Bluetooth-enabled k[More]

How to Splice Two Televisions to One Satellite Receiver

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2013-12-16Views:130

It's easy to connect two televisions to one satellite receiver. Even though your satellite receiver features a number of different outputs you can send audio and video from only one output port at a time. Use an HDMI multiplier to split the feed from[More]

How to use two amplifiers with one set of speakers

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2014-04-12Views:130

Using two amplifiers with one set of speakers requires the installation of a simple A/B switch available at electronics stores. The slide on the switch moves between the A and B positions to determine which amp will provide power to the speaker pair.[More]

How to Print Two Pages on One A3 on Microsoft Publisher

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2014-09-18Views:130

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing tool that is included in many versions of the Microsoft Office suite. The usefulness of this application lies in its unstructured layout options. This can make it a better choice than Microsoft Word when cr[More]

How to wire two switches to one light fixture

How to wire two switches to one light fixture

Category:HomeRelease time:2015-01-18Views:130

Wiring two switches to one light fixture adds convenience to any room with two entryways. Also known as three-way switching, the job calls for a pair of special three-way switches and an appropriate length of 14-3 conductor cable to join the switches[More]

How to Wire Two Doorbells to One Button

How to Wire Two Doorbells to One Button

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When one button operates two doorbells, the doorbells connect together in a parallel circuit. In a parallel circuit, multiple loads work independently of each other off a single electric source. If someone presses the button, power from the transform[More]

How to Connect a Two Way Splitter to Two Satellite Dishes & One Receiver Box

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2012-08-14Views:130

Connecting two satellite dishes to one receiver box requires at least three lengths of coaxial cable and a special type of electronic splitter with a built-in multi-switch, which allows two or more televisions to receive satellite programming on diff[More]

How to Hook Up a Light Switch With Two Black Wires & One Red Wire

How to Hook Up a Light Switch With Two Black Wires & One Red Wire

Category:HomeRelease time:2012-09-30Views:130

Three-way switches work together to operate a light from two different locations. This is most convenient in a long hallway or at the top and bottom of the staircase. The Natural Handyman states that numerous homes across the United States have miswi[More]

How to link two computers to one external hard drive

How to link two computers to one external hard drive

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2012-10-19Views:130

External hard drives can be a simple way to move a large number of files from one computer to another without making a lot of CDs or using multiple flash drives. Two computers in your house can share the same external drive. If you have a large budge[More]

How to Vent Two Appliances Into One Flue

Category:HomeRelease time:2012-11-10Views:130

Gas appliance venting is crucial to health and safety within the home. Venting allows the potentially harmful products of combustion to escape from the home without coming in contact with the home's breathable air. Venting two gas appliances into the[More]

How to Connect Two Computers With One Printer Using USB

How to Connect Two Computers With One Printer Using USB

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2012-12-18Views:130

If you have two different computers near to one another there is no need to purchase a separate printer for both systems. Instead, you can use the single printer on the two different computers. Although it is easier to connect the single printer via[More]

How to Display Two Columns in One DataGrid Column

How to Display Two Columns in One DataGrid Column

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2013-01-07Views:130

Displaying two columns from a database table as one column on a website is often needed. A typical example is where we want to show a person's first name and last name in one column in a datagrid. The easiest way of doing this is to create an SQL sta[More]

How to connect two TVs to one direct TV receiver

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DirecTV makes several satellite receiver models, some of which are capable of transmitting two different signals to separate television sets. Getting each signal to a TV requires a coaxial splitter available at electronics stores, plus a length of co[More]

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