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Seadoo GSX RFI Specifications

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The popular Sea-Doo line of personal water craft, or PWC, is produced by Bombardier Recreational Products of Canada. The company was founded in 1942, and played an essential role in the invention of the snowmobile. As of 2010, the company owns many m

The popular Sea-Doo line of personal water craft, or PWC, is produced by Bombardier Recreational Products of Canada. The company was founded in 1942, and played an essential role in the invention of the snowmobile. As of 2010, the company owns many marquees such as Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo and Envirude Outboard Motors. The Sea-Doo GSX RFI was a high performance version of the popular GSX, and was produced in 1999 and 2000.

Engine Specifications

The Sea-Doo GSX RFI has a 738cc, two-stroke, two-cylinder engine. This engine's cylinder bore has a diameter of 82mm and a piston stroke length of 74mm. The compression ratio of the engine is 6 to 1. The GSX RFI's engine has one 56mm automotive throttle body carburettor. This engine is equipped with a Rotax Fuel Injection system, which ensures easy starts and better fuel economy. The GSX RFI's engine is lubricated by a variable rate oil injection system. This engine is capable of producing 110 horsepower.

Other Specifications

The Sea-Doo GSX RFI is designed on a semi-V hull, which makes the PWC handle better and ride more smoothly. The ignition system on the GSX RFI is a digital inductive system. The battery on this PWC has an output rating of 12 volts. The GSX RFI features R.A.V.E exhaust valves. The transmission is a direct drive system. The GSX RFI's propeller is made of stainless steel. The engine's water pump is a single-stage, axial flow hub.

Dimensions and Other Information

The Sea-Doo GSX RFI is 106 inches long, 45 inches wide, stands 39 inches tall, and weighs 234kg. The GSX RFI can seat up to two people at a time. The fuel tank can store up to 7.7 gallons of gasoline, while the oil tank, located in the engine, can hold up to 1.6 gallons of oil.

Seadoo GSX RFI Specifications

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The popular Sea-Doo line of personal water craft, or PWC, is produced by Bombardier Recreational Products of Canada. The company was founded in 1942, and played an essential role in the invention of the snowmobile. As of 2010, the company owns many m[More]

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The Sea-Doo GSX is a light, quick two-seat personal watercraft built in the late 1990s with a two-stroke engine. The Sea-Doo line of personal watercraft is built and sold by BRP International, which also builds Evinrude, Can-Am, Rotax, Ski-Doo and Ly[More]

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