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Wireless Signal Strength Tools for Laptops

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Weak wireless signal strength can occur when a laptop is situated too far away from its router or if there are strong signal interferences, also called noise. To solve this problem, reduce interferences and boost the signal. Several tools are availab

Wireless Signal Strength Tools for Laptops

Weak wireless signal strength can occur when a laptop is situated too far away from its router or if there are strong signal interferences, also called noise. To solve this problem, reduce interferences and boost the signal. Several tools are available to assist you in improving signal strength for laptops.


A reflector is a curved piece of metal that reflects radio signals in the opposite direction. Most wireless access points have omnidirectional antennas that radiate signals equally in all directions over distances of 250 to 300 feet. However, if your router is situated in a corner of a room or against a wall, adding a reflector behind your router's antenna will direct the signal more strongly to your laptop. You can create your own home-made reflector by bending a piece of metal and placing it behind your router's antenna. As of 2010, a parabolic Wi-Fi reflector is also available online from Tritium at £9.50.

Booster Antennas

Boosters antennas assist the router in emitting a stronger signal. Plug the booster antenna directly into the router for better wireless signal reception from your laptop. If you are planning to always use your laptop in the same room, opt for a directional antenna instead of a stronger omnidirectional antenna. An omnidirectional antenna will boost the signal in all directions, adding the security hazard of other people hacking into your wireless network. As of 2010, wireless booster antennas are available from most computer outlets and online stores, including and eBay. Prices range from £5 to £65 depending on model and size.


A wireless repeater, also known as a Wireless-G Range Expander, will extend the range of your local area network's signal. The repeater picks up the signal from your router and rebroadcasts it to your laptop. To set up the repeater, carry your laptop to the area in which you would like to boost the wireless signal. Check the wireless signal strength on your laptop in different spots, plugging the repeater into a wall socket where you can detect about 50 per cent signal strength. Repeaters are available from computer and electronics stores, as well as online stores such as, Dell, PC Connection Express and As of 2010, prices range from £52 to £74.


Firmware is software that is developed for your router to improve its performance. It is important to always install the latest firmware updates on the computer to which your router is attached. This could improve your wireless signal strength by a few yards, if not more. Download the latest firmware for your router for free directly from your manufacturer's website. Another option is to download the dd.wrt-firmware for free from This firmware supports more than 200 router models. The site features a database from which you can select and download a firmware version that is compatible to your router.


Several software applications are available to detect disturbances in your wireless network. These applications will assist in finding the optimal spot from which to use your laptop. Download free software tools such as NetStumbler and InSSIDer from their respective websites, and Walk around with your laptop while running any of these programs to find weak or dead spots in your wireless network.

Wireless Signal Strength Tools for Laptops

Wireless Signal Strength Tools for Laptops

Category:Computers & electronicsRelease time:2012-05-05Views:130

Weak wireless signal strength can occur when a laptop is situated too far away from its router or if there are strong signal interferences, also called noise. To solve this problem, reduce interferences and boost the signal. Several tools are availab[More]

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